Introvert - "Abjection"

What Introvert lack in intricate skill, they make up for in creativity and technical production. Some of the guitar lines are probably written by a toddler, but just the tone of the guitar makes for an interesting listen. It's a quick one, so listen close, but what Abjection manages to send out there will make any promising hopeful ask "so what else you got?" It's important to note that we talk a lot about production here, but would this band (and all the others) be able to deliver in a live environment if their MacBooks got wet? It's hard to tell, but for now getting as much exposure as possible should be Introvert's main priority. If they stick together, the craftsmanship will eventually get there. Just look at Chlsea Grin. Desolation of Eden was a complete toilet seat of an album, but what those guys have managed to accomplish in just a few years is a million miles away from where they started. Only time will tell, but this is a great start for a group trolling a muddled scene.

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