Periphery - "Alpha"

For those who have been listening, the bulk of Alpha is really just Bulb's greatest hits album. You know, the one with the giant light bulb smashing the man on the couch. I couldn't really get past "MK Ultra" and how Misha finally realized the potential in his solo track and interpreted it into the mammoth cut that it is now. Three lush layers of eight string guitars swoon in the background, often more subtle than other times. Escaping the confines of three dimensional djent (?), Periphery find a solid punch in big chords, and relentless strums. The vocals are a bit overwhelming though and this steers the band into slightly different territory. Epic attempts such as "Heavy Heart" and the closing ballad on "Alpha" show promising potential, so not all is lost. I mean is it just me, or does this often sound like A Silent Drive? What's going on at the end of "22 Faces"? Worth a listen, especially if you're looking to get deep into a metal album with instrumental interludes of epic bludgeoning.

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