Periphery - "Omega"

I was expecting Omega to catapult the album to new extremes, but after Alpha, the seven tracks on disc 2 don't really add any more substance to the release. "Reprise" is soulless mist recorded into a microphone and chugathon "The Bad Thing" is really all over the place like the rest of the tracklisting. "Priestess" is a blood thin ballad that doesn't go anywhere and lacks all depth. Track title "Omega" accomplishes a lot but is a very draining listen clocking in past the 10 minute mark which isn't that efficient to get across what it does in that time frame. This could have been an ep or a collection of b-sides presented as a completely separate release, but the fact that Alpha is so strong in its own right kills this side of the project. The inclusion of this piece to the entire Juggernaut experience takes a little bit away when you're left expecting so much more after what you just heard on disc 1.

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