Stick To Your Guns - "Disobedient"

I never took STYG to be Evergreen Terrace's younger brother. I also thought this was a genuine hardcore band that was going to set it off on their shows during the For What It's Worth days. I took them to be a Bane or a Comeback Kid. Well, those days never happened and this band didn't really evolve into that mold. It seems as if the several albums after their debut cemented STYG as a dominant group alongside The Ghost Inside, and is comparable to the paths Gideon or other aggressive bands that are more alternative than core seemed to take. It's a solid, polished record, but in this saturated environment, I don't see how Disobedient isn't completely abandoned. The chorus in "Nobody" is cute, but who are they aiming for? Who is STYG's main audience? Is it kids 15-18? Is it mature listeners 18-23? At 28 these hymns sound foolish to me. Where's the riff police on this album? Where's the lyric police? "Heavy lies the crown"? I mean, come on! I didn't look into the producer because I thought that would create bias as many slip up now and then. Strong marketing and good local promotion will be the ticket out and it seems as if it's already working for the group selling out a few shows on their latest headliner. Maybe it's having The Amity Affliction open. Who knows. I don't see Disobedient as being an album I would listen to after the need to review. Keep moving here.

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