Xibalba - "Tierra Y Libertad"

I don't know why it took me three albums to take these guys seriously. Tierra Y Liberted hits so hard you'd swear you were listening to a Harm's Way record. Pummeling, low end rhythms ooze out the speakers from start to finish, not letting up until album closer "El Vacio" lingers unnecessarily for 12 minutes. Opener "Enemigo" has kept the live show in mind with a cheesey sample that doesn't add much depth to the kickoff of the album and the title track brings back some of Burnt By The Sun's greatest moments. Between those two extremes lie mediocrity. You can tell they're really passionate about what they do, it's just a display in Xibalba's unwillingness to accept the fact that they're not this complex sludge band. Sticking to what they do best and pushing 2-3 min hardcore jams shoud be their focus. Expanding on these complex ideas and letting songs dwell past the 4 minute mark that accomplish nothing is really unnecessary. For what it's worth, the heavy parts are really worth a listen if you're looking for something angry to parade its way in the background of the apartment early mornings.

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