Wolves - "Gloom"

Gloom starts out like Silence kicked off Dead Presidents. Djent, but not really, promising indie production, and a good taste lingering from their debut EP. As the album begins to unfold it's evident this isn't a standard feature. Sure "Haunt" has a brief moment when the boys chug themselves retarded, but this is the long and short of it. Soon "Lucid" presents itself in its 7+ minute glory. The only issue is that this song is long for no reason. It starts off soothing, but the riffs are malnourished, the vocals are decent, and none of it is anything to write home about. As Gloom continues, "Curse" doesn't really contribute anything and the riffs are struggling even more. Again, another 6 minute tune that starts and ends at random. Maybe it's age, but bands these days need a producer. They need that fifth, sixth or sometimes seventh external member who has that insight to say "nope, check out this band that did it better," or "this should definitely be two songs." Or even someone to challenge bands to continue exploring ideas. Someone from a subjective standpoint to help these already incredibly talented dudes write songs and not just a combination of random cool, fast and slow parts. And that's just what's missing. The ability to write good songs. Ideas are cute and it seems as if everyone but me has figured out compression and how to properly produce an acoustic kit and a drop G guitar. Now let's start writing some damn good songs.

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