Beyonder - "The Lost Pines"

These days bands have competing priorities. Do you we promote on bandcamp? Do we set up Tunecore? Is CDBaby the right distributor to the streaming sites? Do we give our first one for free? While all of these are (or at least should be) the main discussion for bands that have their act together, an even bigger shadow is cast over them: are our songs worth a damn and will this stand out on its own? (never mind the ultimate question -  will anyone even listen?) Marketing is everything and I'm convinced that with the right promotion, artists can photocopy their utility bill and get notoriety. However, if the product doesn't feel real, or if the passion is completely missing, even the most novice listener can tell. While they may not be able to pinpoint exactly what it is they dislike or articulate what stinks, it just simply won't warrant the attention it strives to get and people won't connect to it. Beyonder are a good local band. This is what I sound like when I jam with my friends.  A little djent, a little tough guy,  solid and well placed breakdowns, etc. But where is this going? How does this differentiate from Three Crowns, Deception Point, Rooks, or even any of the heavyweights? Either way, The Lost Pines just raises too many questions and although well produced, the album just kind of goes by and ends and repeats itself before you know it. It got to me, which doesn't say much for a guy who follows Prime Meridian, Paragon, and Nemertines (all three are just dudes with guitars in their parent's house). It may not be an even playing field on the giants like YouTube & Spotify, but those who they're making this music for and marketing it for (or not) know how to get it. That's the thing, more and more I keep hearing literature education in the entertainment and business world. Know your audience, and remember to show not tell. Without these two key themes of knowing your product and knowing how to articulate (whether in words or sounds), all hope is lost. I could rant forever, but I'd like to think I've made a point. Get the new Harms Way record instead and enjoy a challenging listen and disengage from this negativity.

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