Oceano - "Ascendants"

Since when did Oceano become The Faceless? But seriously folks, how many hands are on that snare drum on "Dead Planet"? These guys have become the heavy gorilla-mammoths they were always destined to be. While maybe not as technically savvy as the aforementioned, Oceano know how to piece their tunes together to be perceived as death metal masterminds. "The World Engine" is probably the heaviest song of the century, and the flawless execution of the production throughout the album is going to be noticed even on the weakest of streaming formats. Oceano have become really creative finding yet another batch of songs that churn the chaggalicious amongst the blast beats and bellows. Ascendants marks Oceano's fourth release and the fact that the group, in whatever amalgamated version it promotes today, continues to find new ways of capturing the heaviest metal sounds out there is something to be commended. The crisp low end, Adam's satanic gutturals, the endless tom rack. Everything is absolutely mint on yet another mint Oceano release. At 9 tracks, do they leave a good taste in your mouth, or rather leave you begging for more? Good 'ol Depths clocked in heavy at 51 minutes and 15 tracks and was revered as the toilet seat of deathcore. Now at 28 minutes, the whiplash of their in-n-out places the group as a heavyweight contender in the ring of mediocrity.

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