Legions Await - "An Abhorrent Occurrence"

It shouldn't be only brand new shit that gets exposure here. There's so many bands out there struggling for attention that it's just an absolute delight to reference the old catalogue and just review what's in here. Legions Await are a mix between Those Who Lie Beneath, Invocations of Nehek and maybe a slip of TTEOTD. Some real solid b-roll acts. The vocals are turbo solid with a great rasp and a brutal tough guy. Think Molotov Solution. If I'm not mistaken it may even be Kevin himself from their masterpiece of a killer self titled debut (why they ever got rid of him when he was the iambic pantamater master is completely beyond me - although I think he may have contributed to parts of The Harbinger). The guitars slay with thirty riffs a tune and the drums are about as thrashy as they come. One thing is different on An Abhorrent Occurrence than other deathcore releases (which this isn't) and it's the beautifully placed solos on several of the tracks. I haven't actually done an attendance check, but I'm pretty sure they're prevalent throughout the album. They're not petty in the background either. These are solid leads that I haven't really heard in this genre since The Red Chord disappeared, with "Negated Proximity" being the most proper interlude I've heard in a while showcasing some real talent. This is really a death metal meets thrash metal album with groovy breakdowns. But who even knows what that means and as Jasta says "enough with the labels already, it's all just loud amps in the face," and it's totally true. Who cares what we call it when a band is mostly doom but with three two step parts and twelve chugs on their album? Aside from the creative vocals, lack of filler, layered guitar approach that leaves the gutter every few pounds of chugs, I gotta hand it over to the cover. Lush colors, catches the eye, and ties a solid bow around the release. I think this may even be free on their bandcamp. It doesn't get any better than this folks. For a solid front to back, here's a place to start. But in all honesty, if Molotov Solution would've went the proper path after their first one, this is what we would've probably heard much sooner. They eventually turned into Oceano, which although totally rules, is already a band. 

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