Angel Du$t - "A.D."

If Angel Du$t have as much fun playing the tunes on A.D. as I have listening to them then holy shit I can't wait to catch them destroy the stage at St Vitus this summer. Laid back vocals over casual strums backed by a hardcore animal on the skins make for an assertive, passionate and aggressive release. Clocking in less than 15 minutes, this is as much of a party album as Fight Paris released back in the mid 2000's. Although not as ruthless, A.D. mirrors the GWAR punk vibe that can be found on the early part of their catalogue and often has a Presidents... feel although they're obviously produced much stronger. "Take My Love," "Pacify Me," Stepping Stone," and "Squeeze" are the album's main stand outs, but it's really going to take the whole thing on this one. Check it out on Sophie's Floorboard, the web's best blog to date.

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