Title Fight - "Hyperview"

Title Fight's Hyperview is that melancholy do-be-do alternative that's been all the rage as of late. Akin to Balance and Composure and Superheaven, they manage to create an elegance akin to their cherub-rock brethren that strays them apart onto their own path. "Mrahc" was the first standout track with a subtle beach style sing along and "Trace Me Onto You" is another primary component that makes this release a heavyweight amongst the scene. The strums and beats here don't really stand out on their own, and without the music the vocals don't really do much for me either. But together, yes, together, Title Fight have crafted quite the gem here and the compound that is made up when these dudes jam together is a real solid effort that makes Hyperview a great and captivating listen. 

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