Trioscapes - "Digital Dream Sequence"

Aside from the fact that Dan Briggs is probably one of the biggest narcissists in any music scene, Trioscapes manage to pump out some clever stuff. This isn't a complete derailment from BTBAM's efforts as his bass playing is obviously dominating in their post-TSC catalogue and the polka-rock timing they've gone full overkill on is Trioscapes in full uniform. THE SAX - AKA Walter Fancourt - holy hell is this the key element of this group. Often times, the sax and bass mirror dual axe riffage ala Hannemen/King in early Slayer-era style. Separate Realities was a total gem and had some promising moments and the album title track owned burrito supreme that left everyone wondering where the hell this guy came from. Where's Walter's other band? Now we have the overloaded Digital Dream Sequence, while although very through and lush in value, it lingers obsessively over intricate skill and is convoluted in content. The album title track is nowhere near as memorable as its predecessor and what's going on in the 15 minute lingerer "The Jungle" ? Don't bother asking me, I turned it off and switched to Turnstile's latest at the 12 minute mark. "Hysteria" just goes on and on with the noodling and nothing is more memorable than annoying on this album. I feel as if it just exists for the sake of existing. It's a fact that Dan couldn't get enough of himself on stage for two hours playing Parallax that he had to start another group to commemorate his spectacular bass shredding skills for an additional hour in front of their poor fans before they play their latest album from start to finish and abandon anything he's never played on. I'd check out their first one for the concept, and, well, just leave it at that.  

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