Superheaven - "Ours Is Chrome"

While Ours Is Chrome was runner up for album of the year alongside Nonstop Feeling, repeated listens have removed Superheaven's latest from the top three contenders. That's not to say this record isn't filled with gems and blowouts that'll make any enthusiast cream but there's a few things standing in its way. To draw its strengths, album opener "I've Been Bored" is a great continuation of Jar and "All The Pain," rounds off the first quarter of the album with perfection. Album closer also finishes strong with "Poor Aileen" bringing back those Cobain coos and a few others in between have those catchy sing alongs that catered their debut so well. The issue is just that. Whenever you refer to any album as having "a few others in between" it loses that special touch that makes a record an AOTY contender. Every song needs to have a personality and stand on its own into the greater body when making these types of nominations. Obviously if it's a concept album, the whole picture will be deepened if each tracks adds value to its vision. Many times after walking away from the record, I found myself looking for a track and not being able to recall which song was which. It may be my fault, but the album also drones on with too many tracks repeating the same routine. Big chord, big chorus, big chord verse, and on and on. How about mixing up the equation a little bit? Now the saying goes if it ain't broke don't fix it. But there's also another saying with something about sounding like a broken record. Do not overlook this release, but let repeat listens cater to your annual pallet when December time comes around and you start hitting the polls.

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