The Story So Far - Self Titled

It's like these guys want to pretend that What You Don't See didn't come out or just add the second part to that prior release, but it's BAU with this one. Although it's not as memorable as the prior album, it's  still a worthy sword, and TSSF have a purpose to prove their attitude behind their ways. Although very pleasing and soothing to the common ear, there's a certain aggro that lingers behind these tunes. They have a constant sound and have mastered its efficiency, but they could have just saved their budget for their tours or other band budget expenses. It's really just more filler for the catalogue here, and it's unfortunate that none of the songs stand out from their prior two albums. This one should've had that one really big sing along. I would still want to go to their show and hear What You Don't See from front to back and would be extremely disappointed with anything but. Maybe that makes me old school.

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