Between The Buried And Me - "Coma Ecliptic"

As far back as I can remember, music has always been something that gave me more than anything the physical limitations of this world could offer. Along the way, certain artists and bands have shaped my perception of art and emotion and its correlation to the world around me. As a kid it was the countless acoustic artists akin to Jack Johnson. Then the Michael Jackson phase. Then the Korn & 311 days in elementary school which transitioned to the metal focused days of the Slayer, Pantera, Metallica, and Megadeth studies of middle school. As I found the crossovers through Hatebreed's introduction to the scene in 98, I essentially became a part of the hardcore community. Starting my own bands, switching instruments, writing songs, drawing flyers, and everything else that had anything to do with this lifestyle. One band that changed my perception as a drummer and songwriter was BTBAM with what I'd consider their most innovative album The Silent Circus, and you can find all about my thoughts on that release earlier in the blog. With Coma Ecliptic the dudes have finally come back to reality after the tedious Parallax records and The Great Misdirect, which I found to be impossible records to get through. I'm not going to go track by track, as that would ruin the album's rich allure, but I will say that they've finally landed back on earth, making their riffage more human and more concrete and the songs more punctual and efficient. Sometimes it would feel as if seven minutes into a track, all we did was senselessly noodle. The transitions here are solid, but the songwriting is stronger than ever. If you liked post-Colors era BTBAM you'll still be in love, but if you've fallen off the wagon since their Victory days, this may be a great place to get back on. Not that this carries the same intensity as tracks like "Camilla Rhodes" or "Aesthetic," but the same creative perspective that made those tracks and the rest of that album at the time feel so fresh and full of surprises has finally been restored here. Coma Ecliptic feels fresh in a time of album after album of mediocrity. My favorite song on the album is "Turn On The Darkness," where the band totally goes Blind Melon. Just like The Anatomy Of, I'm in awe. Here's to the next 100 reviews!

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