Prestige - "Prestige"

Prestige have been kicking ass since their debut EP lingered on Chugcore almost three years ago. Restrain From It All was like Barrier on steroids. It picked up strong and kicked hard with a brutal punch. The guitars were really clever and the drums were decent enough to be replaced by any standard on drum kit from hell. The self-titled finds the dudes lurking in familiar territory with their EWAFFTS attitude. "Cast Aside," and "Two Forty Fire" are personal favorites that could be found on any of the past three Acacia Strain records. The true prize however, is found in the twelve minute epic "(Sub)Division." Reminiscent of ABACABB's closer on Survivalist, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to say they're looking to fill the same shoes. The album is a really good time for those who want to repair the gaps left behind by Eventide and the lack of updates from Prophet or Paragon.

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