Discomfort - "Worst"

Discomfort come at us with suitable rage for an independent on a deathwish release. With an album title such as Worst you know there's nothing pretty about anything that's going on here. Part Orchid blast, part Power & The Glory, part Converge bow tie on some of those bombastic, empirical buildups, and part ETID on their whimsical, "everything was always fucked from the start" lyrics and maybe you have an idea of what's going on here. The lyrics are real abrasive, and it's nice to actually read intelligible lyrics with a message. It seems like tons of this strum stuff I've been posting lately is just pitiful, self-loathing, and the beatdown is just angry for the sake of the children. This is real quality stuff here and it's probably best delivered in the rubber form. Most notable is "MCCXII" and if you take anything away from this, at least check out this badboy they're handing out on their bandcamp. The strums are so infectious and the shrill so lurid, that it's obvious why Seeker hasn't exploded yet. "She" was their opus, and it translated to noise. These guys get the picture. I think for like $20 you get this nasty shirt and the 12" - don't think twice.

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