Hundredth - "Free"

Hundredth exploded with their action packed When Will We Surrender and have been battling back to their proper post ever since. Let Go in my opinion, was a huge disappointment. Extremely scatterbrained and eager, you could tell the boys felt as if they had expectations to live up to. They had their whole lives to write their debut, but then tripped over themselves and perhaps pushed too hard to bring more quantity over quality to their catalogue. Refuse/Resist were halfhearted and almost incomplete ideas thrown on tape, but you could tell Hundredth felt as if they need to shape up, releasing two EPs and probably hoping not to overwhelm anyone that was still hanging on with the slightest bit of interest. Alas, we have their latest addition Free which brings back to mind what happened to Architects after Hollow Crown. It also sounds a little like Lost Forever... Big catchy choruses with soaring vocals layer the entire album. Instant classic "Unravel" brings the greatest example of this and the same can be found on "Reach," another Architects-esque gem. It's a huge step forward for these guys, and although laterally different than their debut, it can stand still on its own several releases later into Hundredth's catalogue.

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