Inevitable End - "The Oculus"

Inevitable End's sophomore outing The Oculus brings  its nuclear audio blast in a form of calamity that is a force to be reckoned with. Part Tasmanian devil, part grindcore, and part daddy getting thrown downstairs and we may be getting somewhere. I want to say it's  a mix between ETID & The Locust but it's hardly that to be honest. Maybe a dash of Look What I Did? Just like the aforementioned's catalogue, this is a tough album to listen to. But it's so intriguing to hear the guys take themselves so far down the rabbit hole and magically work their way back out of a song. It gets intense on more than one occasion, and if I could compare the audio experience I'd say it's like making it through Ion Dissonance's Solace. Really interesting in its approach, but it ends as abruptly as it begins. Not for the faint of heart but definitely digestible enough for those who can't just dive into Agoraphobic-esque hardcore.

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