She Was The Universe - "She Was The Universe" (single)

For anyone familiar with The Ocean's work, you know that it's incredibly lush and throughly detailed in its delivery. Songs aren't just "available" on their albums. Tunes are long and melodies are often found in the depths of ten minute epics. She Was The Universe bridge a gap in the bands catalogue by introducing us to their brand of melodic djent metalcore with their cover of The Ocean's track of the same name off of their masterpiece, Anthropocentric. The production on the release is to be noted and should prompt interest in checking out their catalogue available for pennies on bandcamp. The vocals are spot on, with the pentameters as punctual as ever. The drums and guitars blend well in one of The Ocean's most concrete songs. I would encourage a run through of Else And Where as the band displays a slightly more disciplined and aggressive approach, but the album is much more intricate than this single and I'll save that for another post all on its own.

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