Lost Fortune - "Living Ghost"

If Barrier and 3750 era The Acacia Strain had a baby it may have resulted in the catastrophic cacophony that is Living Ghost. The writing is much stronger here than many of their competitors and Lost Fortune have the magic of a true poet amongst their ranks. Although the lyrics can be a bit violent, they avoid childish themes which keeps the flow of the album alive as they transition from brutal verses to unrelenting breakdowns and choruses which typically get lost between the two. It's a good approach, and they pick one or two lines to repeat over their attack. Instead of ranting a million words a verse or blathering throughout the album, they pick one key message and parade it over the track. "The Walk" is probably the best example and it doesn't fail to leave an impression. At sixteen minutes, it's almost impossible to be disappointed and with a favorite verse riff in "Dead World" this is one that I'll keep going to should arm and leg day need reinforcement. This is along the same lines as Far From Nothing's EP that we featured just a few months ago. Pick them both up.

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