Will Haven - "Open Your Mind To Discomfort"

They're still pumping out records! While not as prolific as their originating releases El Diablo & WHVN, Will Haven still know how to stay true to their unique sound. Not sure how much exposure the dudes have had over the years as they've never really strayed out East since their Slipknot/Kittie tour back in 1999 and a few opening stints for Deftones in California. Those big lush chords that mirror Carpenter's tone, and those Grady screams that have haunted fans for years still reign supreme. It's great to see a career band work their craft from a completely selfish perspective. All they care about is writing music and packaging it nicely for their listeners. After 15+ years in the gig, I'm sure their goals have changed from when they started their "Miguel Abburido" days, but to write tunes for the sole purpose of getting the band back together for a creative outlet, is the definition of success. Although the last couple releases have been a little lackluster, this EP picks up right where their classics left off and gives us a taste of what alternative chaotic passionate strum metal can sound like when stripped of all commercial hopes and aspirations.

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