Bitter End - "Illusions of Dominance"

Bitter End haven't exactly reinvented themselves on their latest outing. They've lengthened their songs by a few minutes with some passing the four minute mark, which, for a meat and potatoes hardcore band is incredibly surprising, but it's still your standard fare. This time they're pushing to portray themselves as the M*A*S*H entourage of hardcore with military references and curious samples. Illusions of Dominance finds Bitter End unleashing their inner Gwar with plenty of wah riffs and even the occasional noodly solo thrown in for good measure. Although they have a relentless challenging the status quo theme throughout their jams, Bitter End make for excellent party metal. They resonate Terror's vibes more than ever before, but this still falls in line as their own sound, honed in by their own repetition of a tried and true method that caters to legions of fans. 

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