Deez Nuts - "Word Is Bond"

Well JJ Peters sure has come a long way from his time in IKTPQ. He's found his brainchild in DN and on Word Is Bond we get a continuation of his development. In the first three tracks there's so many vocal variations that you just can't stop and think Turnstile, even though there's not much of a cross over as Nonstop is practically one of the greatest records of the year and DN are really just a sweet addition to the catalogue. A sound mixed between Throwdown-esque two step and a slightly urban lip at the mic, Word Is Bond is much stronger than the prior releases as Peters now has an actual band piecing together his tracks. As opposed to the first handful of releases that featured him playing every instrument on the record, DN are in full form here. It's a fun record, from a hardworking individual. If you've taken hardcore too seriously lately, pick this up to transition out of that rut and keep cruising on that Australian wave.

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