Doomsday Mourning - "Negligent Acts Of Calculated Recklessness"

Bringing to mind the calculated insanity of Ion Dissonance' Solace, Doomsday Mourning chug their way through ten brutal tracks. The unique aspects of their threatening djent approach are found in the depths of their cuts with nu-metal, ICP-esque murmuring in the background (the end of "Perception Management" is brought to mind ). Just about every track features a guest artist which makes the album an entertaining venture and more than just another Four Question Marks release. The production is tightly compressed and the mix is proper on this semi-indie release, and it's nice to see the group push their first solid collection of track as everything before Negligent... was a mix of short EPs and stranded singles. For a few bucks you can make this one yours on bandcamp. Stay grime.

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