Genocide District - "Scourge"

Scourge finds an already polished and brutal Genocide District taking their Molotov infused Hatebreed angst to another level. It's not the first release that I've mentioned this, but it's wild just how close the vocal approach resembles Kevin Oakley's presence off the first Molotov full length on their ruthless self titled that was released on Twelve Gauge Records. Often times Leland (I can't find their lineup anywhere to confirm if it's even still him) resembles Jasta's method on Hatebreed's earlier catalogue that it makes for a really fun listen. The mechanics of this release are so devastatingly heavy and animated in nature that it's almost impossible not to find intrigue in the album as soon as it kicks off. "Good Riddance" pummels like giant boulders of death have just come down the mountain and album favorite "Demonized" continues the relentless avalanche. It's alarming just how often and on point Scourge comes to a metal masterpiece. It'd be interesting to see what they would achieve with a little direction from a Sturgis or a Zeus and get the engineers insight on direction. But perhaps their absence is what separates Genocide from the pack.

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