Ghost Iris - "Anecdotes of Science and Soul"

This is a compilation of sounds written by madmen who can replicate anything they hear. Often Meshuggah meets Sikth ("Dream Catching a Nightmare") and other times It's like a hybrid blend of Periphery intricacies and Jamie's Elsewhere extreme vocal ranges. These guys are floating in the same universe as Monuments, with slightly more dynamic song structures. The melodies here are extremely well crafted and the range of expressions they so flawlessly execute are truly some of the best in the genre. At times the album can be a bit much though and the fact that you know there's going to be this big epic chorus in each and every song can get a little tiresome. Not a bad stop if you want a little more prog in your Misery Signals and would enjoy what Sky Eats Airplane would sound like if it had a baby with vocals era Intervals.

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