Man Overboard - "Heavy Love"

It's like Weezer rehashed one of their formulative albums and gave it a modern twist on their classic sound. This is a blend of Saves The Day and Blink 182 at their best. No longer considered pop punk, Man Overboard return with their first real "rock" record. I don't remember Man Overboard being this catchy or this memorable, but "She's In Pictures," and "The Note" stay with you overnight and the opening track will make you want to go listen to this album from front to back over and over again. You honestly need to operate on a higher level of consciousness if you're a rational human being trying to make it in this world. The job will send you over the edge with policies that crush the service they hold you accountable to provide. Your friends tell you one thing and you make plans based on what they said and it suddenly changes overnight. One report says employment growth is helping the housing market, another indicates unemployment continues to rise. Even if you've understood these concepts, their trends and juxtapositions, and somehow manage to operate within these confines, how do you continue to stay sane once this is all justified to yourself? "The Note" picks up on these themes and really gave me closure on circumstances that are so out of your control but have everything to do with you. You can very easily lose control of your life and start to get worried about things that sponsor your securities. Don't let it get you down. Just pick up Heavy Love for some much needed inspiration.

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