Retox - "Beneath California"

In case you weren't into hardcore at all in the late 90's there's just no way in hell you went through life not knowing anything about The Locust. Their chaotic form of expression was so far out there alongside their insanely intriguing live approach that it was only a matter of a time before the concept burnt itself out. Here we are a few years later after the ashes and smoke have cleared and what we're left with is the residue that is Beneath California. Right out of the gate the striking similarities are evident. The vocals obviously being the key component, but the spastic math metal angle that was so prevalent in The Locust's catalogue makes itself instantly apparent. Without the sloppy noisy keyboards and ruthless bug infestations, Retox is like a mature amalgamated version of anything The Locust ever did. It's all extremely aggressive, highly entertaining and incredibly unique and the only real comparable act may be Daughter's later releases after their highly successful Canada Songs. Retox is certainly worth it and should be on any metal or hardcore fans radar if it slipped up against other new releases in the past year. Make sure to check out their split with Narrows as well if you're looking for more of their catalogue and are struggling to get away from the debut.

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