Virtue Concept - "Sources"

Sometimes I get so hyped about an album simply because of an image or a snippet of sound when in reality there is nothing to be excited about. I'm not sure what sample I heard from Virtue Concept that made me want to get this album so bad, but it was almost impossible to find and without Apple Music I don't think I would have ever gotten my hands on these tracks. They're not on bandcamp, any major blog that caters to the scene, they're not on soundcloud, and there's barely anything that comes up on them through a straight forward Google search. In this day and age, that's simply not acceptable. You should promote yourself on every channel you have the chance to utilize. Finally, after a thorough hunt, Sources is nothing to write home about. I expected a heavier, more djent oriented band, but this is really the Dremenuart of Germany. Just another metalcore band, playing 2001 metal in 2015. 

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