Defeater - "Abandoned"

By now we can declare Defeater as damn good song writers. Over the past few records we've seen this band institutionalize their form of expression over deep thought lyrical outrage, chemically bound energy between drums and bass, and relentless wailing on the guitars tying it all together with a thin layer of distortion keeping things organic. By the time Letters Home dropped, I had to ask myself - how long could this last? I took Defeater's ability to churn album after album as a red flag knowing that at some point this level of quality just had to start turning frail. Well Abandoned doesn't exactly find the group falling apart, in fact it's the same recipe you've come to expect and adore. A few things that got on my nerves that I can only assume will only be a bigger pain point with repeated listens and that is some of the lyrical themes being endlessly presented record after record. "Contrition's" father-forgive-me line and mother-have-mercy again popping up somewhere alongside I-am-a-sinner and lord this and that and it's really something that isn't a real pleasure of mine. While it may strike some as passionate thematic storytelling, for those of us looking for a good form of intellectual expression who have dedication to a select group of outfits, it really doesn't hurt to stray into other realms and topics once in a while. After all, it has been four albums.

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