Falsifier - "Life In Death"

Although it starts off like a 300 year old engine, by the time Falsifier is through with you on their latest EP, it's obvious as to why they thought this opener was appropriate. We can officially mark this the last release I ever want to hear a Charles Manson quote in. I used this sample as a kid in bands, Acacia Strain were the first to put it to record and now here it is again. It's not exciting and it doesn't rehash anything. Perhaps they were in the studio spending day and night perfecting these gems and felt as if the aggression was over the top that they needed a 4 minute opener with a sample to get the album off to a reasonable start. I've taken the liberty to track the EP independently with "I Am Death" as the first track and omitting "Life In Death" entirely, which in my opinion should have been a secret song at best. Falsifier have the artillery to take control, it just depends on how much of their guitar trickery can translate into the physical realm. They show plenty of promise akin to 2x4 and Barrier and perhaps one day soon one of these Chugcore acts will take over the rosters of an admirable tour and we'll actually be able to tell for ourselves. It's any day now where these mini beatdown bands will break through to the mainstream tours alongside scene heavyweights Emmure and Acacia Strain and oversaturate an already heavily saturated market. But in the meantime, Falsifier help us fatten up that catalogue of ruthlessly senseless aggressive music.

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