Depths - "The Mortal Compass"

Something about the intensity of "Blackest Night" when Depths keep the double bass going for just a little too long that keeps their intrigue remaining strong throughout the beating that is The Mortal Compass. Depths have actually had an interesting route of exposure in that their posters have shown up in odd movies here and there and that their independence and spectacular production has actually spoken miles for their achievement. It's a technically brutal death metal band that writes incredible songs with minimal leads. Every now and then they contrive a brutal opus that makes you check your pulse and it's very rarely business as usual. Keen listeners should pay attention to the count of the hi hat consistently hissing it's way in the background showcasing the level of intricate detail in which Depths operate. The disappointment in "Mehyt" and why it's even included in this perfection is completely beyond me and I'm surprised this kind of nonsense trash even finds room on new releases with the average attention span being less than 5 seconds anymore. Otherwise, each track tends to be a punisher and if you find yourself looking at your reflection in disbelief a few times through the stint, consider that a strong attribute of the record.

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