Soulfly - "Archangel"

Ten albums in and it doesn't seem Max and co. have any intentions of easing up any time soon. It's great to see his consistency album after album and Archangel is no different. I don't really see a major difference between Nailbomb, Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy. I also think Sepultura and Killer Be Killed have a ton of similarities. As long as Max has touched it, it's going to have that same groove element and vocal delivery. With crisp production, it's a good fail safe to fall back on if you're looking for strong metal to thicken your library. Soulfly have sustained their tribal approach and straightforward metal aggression and with this collection of tracks, the group has distanced themselves from their classic collection in their catalogue for some really strong songs the fan base will welcome with open arms.

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