Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - "Blossom"

Frank Carter knows his stuff. His quick stint in Gallows was enough for him to make a name for himself and their million dollar deal was probably one of the biggest glitches in record label history. Pure Love was smooth as eggs but found Carter in different form. Finally we're back to the natural aggressive state we've come to adore from the tattoo artist himself. Right out the gate "Juggernaut" showcases unique vocal ranges that characterize Carter instantly. The tracks that follow are each their own intricate work of art and we may finally have a contender for AOTY alongside Turnstile's Nonstop Feeling which stood on its own for the majority of the year until this came out. Time and time again, Carter's vocals bridge the gap between monotony and creativity and being back in the aggressive form alongside a really tight group of musicians, Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes may have finally found a home for the U.K. punk.  Even if it is perhaps for only one album. Only time will tell, but for now we have another incredible album to tend to and cherish as we anticipate what the future holds for the band. I, personally, look forward to another installment. This is highly recommended.

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