Stray From The Path - "Subliminal Criminals"

Since the start SFTP have been a force to be reckoned with. Five albums deep and only a frail skeleton of Villains remains prevalent. That same unique sound they paved new terrain with where they still remain somewhat unscathed by competition is still a heavy influence, however it's hard to tell if this product is something that's ever going to take the boys to the next level. They've always been the kid franchise on the bill and perhaps this upcoming stint with Comeback Kid will get them in front of the right kids and finally earn them some credibility. The RATM meets metalcore remains active, only the songs are a little longer than before and the production compressed the drums a little too tightly, where, even though I can't get the skins to come out like that, I would tone them down and let them breathe just a little bit more than what's found here (what's up with that snare?). Every hit feels like it's going to take every song to the height of colossus, but instead it just keeps sailing all the same. It's all over before you know it, but it's definitely more of the same if you're looking for more of their catalog, but don't expect strong messaging like past releases and intense political messaging that gets anywhere credible.

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