Trap Them - The Acheron

Trap Them has a catalogue that spans over a decade and with the solidarity this line up has managed to maintain, it's almost illegal to disregard their efforts at longevity. I didn't go for the first two bands because the Acheron is a really challenging venue to spend a couple hours in solo unless you're looking to get housed. Full Of Hell stayed true to their grind noise spectrum, which even though I thoroughly appreciate from an artistic perspective, I don't really understand its place in the live form. Half of the set is wasted on nonsense and noise and effects I'm sure the band finds entertaining, adding depths to their sound. But the fact that the group is highly intricate and incredibly talented knows how to execute brutal grind, hurts those moments when they dwell in the blurry rumbles. Trap Them owned with precision, each song following the next hardly giving McKenney a chance to breathe. Out of their monolithic catalogue, it was great to know every single song and it's a testament to their appreciation of their fans to pick the most accessible jams out of a very challenging catalogue. The venue itself played a major role, as Trap Them are totally the right band to watch in an intimate setting with barely any AC and no way out in between bands. If this is popping up on your radar, don't miss your chance to catch one of the best acts in the business. 

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