Atreyu "Long Live"

Wait, is it 2003 all over again? With Long Live Atreyu capture the sounds of their sophomore outing The Curse a little too well. Congregation and Lead Sails saw the band catapult into arena rock headliners and their silly hiatus put a damper on things and probably distanced them from the notoriety they could've possibly achieved had they maybe pushed out this record a year or two ago. This album is great. It's classic Atreyu from the start. The only issue is that the entire metal community has progressed without them. Atreyu will always have a spot, however this new one doesn't really feel like it's a follow up to anything. Although very similar to their core sound, it stands all on its own as another installment in an already superb catalogue instead of a progression of a sound that was evolving with each record.

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