Motion City Soundtrack "Panic Stations"

Motion City Soundtrack have the tendency to capture their youthful glee no matter how many years go by. Although aging will date their approach, their consistency to their unique version of alternative rock, heavy with synths and catchy hooks, continues to evolve and take them further and further into career status with every album. When they only had a a few albums under their belt, it was tough to see the longevity in their approach. But with Panic Stations clocking in as their sixth release, and over hundreds of thousands of album sales, it's obvious MCS has cemented themselves into one of the best in rock. Tracks like "I Can Feel You" and "Days Will Run Away" take the group to new heights, while "Lose Control" could've been found on any of their past releases. With a proper live show and just the right timing, I'd expect to see them on top of some of the biggest packages in the upcoming year. 

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