Slayer - "Repentless"

Add another one to the repertoire! Araya and King have done it again. Bostaph is back coincidentally since his stint on the last album that came out on 9/11, God Hates Us All and Holt fills in nicely for Jeff. It's a nice mixture here and the chemistry still exists even without Hanneman at the fold. It's nice to see they can move on and continue to carry on in proper form. Out the gate the drums trip over each other, doing something slightly classic as if to perhaps mock Lombardo's "almost missed it" technique, in which he sounds as if at any moment everything could be lost and his control of the tempo will slip away from him. But by the time the album starts to rev up, it's already almost over and there aren't really any memorable takeaways. No real outstanding solo or chocking yell. Something to make this album a staple the way all the others manage to capture. Instead, Repentless washes over us in an awesome wave, carrying fresh tracks to keep them on the road for another few summers. 

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