Sunshine State

From the mind of Asaf Rubina, the author of Tales of Movie Theater Pool and the Summer Kitchen,comes a new novel shaped by mental musings and self-reflection of the same memorable characters. The diverse cast is at it again, with the same bad habits and in need of rest as ever before, holding a thousand truths from one another. Angela is experiencing frustration with her circle of sisters until she finds her own haven at the edge of town, and Chuck continues to be the same brute persona as if he's been cast in amber. But all is thrown into shambles when it is discovered that Pam is missing, and the company has a hard time coping with the disappearance of their most influential player. As each night grows darker and the days grow longer, it becomes more and more difficult to discern the facts from fiction. Are things really what they appear to be? Featuring graphic prose and sadistic storytelling, Rubina brings his beloved characters to life as never before.

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