The Afterimage "Lumière"

They've always been in the same school of thought as Erra to me, which have gotten a little too carried away in their eclectic galactic math metal lately. In Lumière, The Afterimage are resurrecting what Sky Eats Airplane thought they were doing back in 2006. They also manage to churn out an Emarosa of sorts that feels like it ran into The Ghost Iris in the bathroom and tried to change form mid meal. The musicianship is really strong with this one and even though the vocals sometimes soar to unimaginable heights ("Follow" comes to mind and almost reaches Jamie's Elsewhere caliber), the album always brings itself back to its core roots with groovy intricacies. At the end of the whole thing, it's a truly inspiring listen with really refreshing harmonies that are generally found in poppy Rise releases or every other Johnny Craig output. 

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