The Black Dahlia Murder "Abysmal"

It's hard to imagine TBDM getting stronger with every release. I swear Deflorate was such a monolith. Ritual was certainly a force to be reckoned with and now Abysmal, their latest installment doesn't stray too far from the path. What a catalogue these guys have managed to put together. Just as as a runner will attempt to exert himself just a little more with each and every run, TBDM have added a little flare to their fine tuned death metal symphony that now leaves their latest outing to be more alluring than anything else in their catalogue. They have such a massive collection of awesome riffs, that it's impossible to imagine any more added to their arsenal, but alas we have this latest collection. "Stygiophobic" is a personal favorite and quite possibly one of TBDM's best.

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