The Girls

On the verge of releasing the most critical album in their discography, The Gears find themselves in a society where the charts tell no lies and fame dictates public necessity. Soon the boys find that the price for glory often comes at steep costs and the violence that goes hand in hand with this lifestyle cannot be ignored. Meanwhile, Tammy can’t take the heat out in Amsterdam, and Caroline can’t stop getting beaten upside the head. Carla is resenting her husband while her daughter Ashly can’t keep her dietary habits under control. The Girls is about sleeping around as much as it is about sitting around, and if you’re not paying attention, someone might just end up going from white to black. Set in the end of the first decade of the 2000’s, a lonely apartment, a single flight, and the Johannesburg bazaar are being used as weapons. Rubina The Girls is loaded with grief stricken prose and internal self-reflections regarding the emotions that drive the decisions we make at our most critical, passionate and miserably vulnerable.

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