Alessandro Cortini "Risveglio"

Alessandro Cortini can be considered the mastermind behind some of Trent Reznor's numerous masterpieces and an integral part of the live show. Together, the duo have created some of the most captivating music in recent memories. Toss in Atticus Ross and you just might have the ultimate trio regarding avant garde digital production. On 
Risveglio, Cortini explores the depths many of us have come to expect. The detailed intricacies of open space and the buzzing nuances of heavy bass are explored in detail, and no single track can be taken away from the whole. While some tunes may jump a little too far and be even too challenging for the most advanced listeners, those looking for HTDA b-sides and NIN deep cuts, may find a suitable alternative to an ever expanding catalogue of audio landscaping and vivid audio imagery. Tonight, turn out the lights and let it rip.

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