Fit For An Autopsy "Absolute Hope, Absolute Hell"

After extensive touring in support of Hellbound and trying to repair the damage Nate Johnson left behind after his exit, Fit For An Autopsy (or should I say Will Putney?) capture their aggressive grace once again with Absolute...This is the first professional recording that captures new vocalist Joe Badolato in all his glory. While he certainly has his own identity and is a crafty wordsmith, it's surprising just how close his approach mirrors his contemporaries. Those raunchy chords FFAA that have become notorious for are still heavily prevalent with "Saltwound" and "Murder In The First" easily intensifying the tracking of the album and displaying just how intricate the band can be. "Out To Sea" is a personal favorite, although very short, it is extremely punctual and continues to set the tone for what is already a very dark album. It's a full on assault from the opening title track, but on their third album the band sounds closer to what TTEOTD accomplished on Malice than charting new terrain.

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