The Plot In You "Happiness in Self Destruction"

Starting with their first two releases flying under the radar, The Plot In You quickly made a name for themselves with their persistent work ethic and aggressive tracks to match. As they've developed as a band, they've slowly moved away from their chuggtastic roots and have shown a little more color with Could You Watch Your Children Burn straying more towards the "creepy" than the brutally confident.
     More whispering and strums are found on Happiness... than ever and perhaps these slow lurking verses are what's replacing the chugs of yesterday. From time to time the band will plunge into an aggressive spout, but the release is not as angry as past efforts although it's obvious the band pours with agony. The lyrics the band are so proud of don't really stand out as much as I'm sure they think they do or would at least like to, and don't really make the impact that the group are obviously attempting to attract. With a more alternative approach at play, it's obvious the group is making every effort to make their new angle more marketable and I'm not sure how much the production helped capture this theme.
      TPIY hasn't really exploded like they should have in my opinion. It's been a while since the outfit saw a proper package or open for a respectable headliner. Three LPs into their career and it isn't very clear what they're trying to accomplish. If it's just releasing music for the sake of releasing it, then fine. But with the amount of updates TPIY pollutes on social media, it's obvious there's much more to it.

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