Cryptopsy "The Book of Suffering: Tome I"

It's not that we all sit around just waiting for a new Cryptopsy album. I'm sure we all scour every inch of the web looking for Suffocation-esque ruthlessness and maybe alongside Necrophagist's dated but classic catalogue, we can find peace. But when Cryptopsy lunges another release into the death metal pendulum, it's almost impossible not to feel it's weight and impact almost immediately.
     The most amazing thing about Tome I is that it's the first part of an installment approach that should lead us to another promising release. This anticipation alone is better than having a complete slab of a dozen or so tracks out the gate all at once and then waiting in mystery wondering if they'll ever grace us with another. This drip feeding of Cryptopsy songs is exactly what's necessary to sensationalize the intrigue of their efforts.
      Right out the gate "Detritus" slaughters the listener with unrelenting bass licks and high octane licks and beats. The beatdown that is "Halothane Glow" finds Cryptopsy at their finest and the closing track is such a pinnacle for the band that it left me rekindling their entire discography. This is such a refreshing listen from start to finish and the intensity captured on these tracks is so pure that it's impossible to not listen to the four tracks immediately again once the EP comes to a finish. 
      The most important trait of the record has to be the vocals and it would be a sin not to praise their efforts. Of the four tracks, each represent a different interpretation of the death metal approach and the shrieks, death growls, pig squeals and yells all stray in their own development, essentially training the entire scene. This is one for the textbooks. If you've been waiting for something real and challenging to listen to, the new Cryptopsy just made it very easy to do both. 

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