State Champs "Around the World and Back"

State Champs wrote an incredibly catchy record that flys by from start to finish in a flash. The hooks are instantly infectious and the style falls right in line with Neck Deep and Handguns urgency. The voice is much less nasally than the aforementioned and it's definitely no NFG.
     The goods are given in a short burst and it's going to be nice to see what the Neck Deep tour can bring the group in terms of exposure. The biggest takeaway is how old Ansley Newman is and what she's doing making a cameo. As of 11/2/2015, the girl looks twelve! It was a little odd listening to her coo on the title track, but it was reminiscent of Before Their Eyes showcasing Kristen Williams on their ruthless album Untouchable. In fact, the entire album just stinks of Before Their Eyes. It's a shame too because they released a single a while back with intentions making a resurgence. Not sure why that's necessary when State Champs are filling in their ranks with flawless victory. Pick this one up for a quick, fun splash.

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