Rammstein "In Amerika"

For those new to Rammstein, and by new I mean anyone who hasn't heard a song off any album past Sehnsucht, which featured the sensational track "Du Hast," In Amerika presents an obvious entry point. Rammstein have come a long way since their sophomore release got attention and landed the act, quite out of place in my opinion, on the Family Values tour in 1998. Apparently, the band hadn't performed in the U.S. since and this release finds the band's return performing live at Madison Square Garden in December of 2010. There's some controversy as to the actual location of the the footage of the show, with credits at the end of the set referencing Mexico City as well Montreal and many reviews of this release and comments on their social media contain fans that indicate there's some discrepancies in the footage.
     Not that any of that really matters as the show is edited extremely well and the quality of the footage that's captured here could easily land in a Ridley Scott film. There's no way to tell if any song was from a different set. The audio captured here is absolutely excellent and could make for a separate release on its own. The collection of tracks captured here range from Rammstein's entire catalogue and can point anyone who is moderately interested in the band some direction in regards to tackling their discography with strategy.
     I won't spoil the surprises as far as the pyro techniques are concerned, but everything you've heard is true and their indulgent use of fire is definitely not over exaggerated on any review I've come across on the web regarding the band's live performance. 
      The second disc is a documentary of the band's captivating U.S. run in support of their album Liebe ist fur alle da, which houses some of the band's most eclectic collection, with soaring ballads "Fruhling in Paris," and "Ich tu dir weh" showcasing some of their strongest tracks to date. The review is an interesting look at the captivating performers, and could help you out with your German a little if you've ever been interested in learning a few words.

      (views of the stage mid set)

      Throughout time I've heard crazy things about Rammstein's live set. I've heard rumors of them throwing feces into the audience. I've read about shows where they've tossed piss buckets out into the crowd. I don't know how much of that is true, but what is captured here is a sensation for the senses. The elaborate mad-lab like stage design, the dangling lights that seem to go into the ceiling of the arena, the constant shifting form of layouts, and again, the bombarding use of flames and fire put the group in a category of their own. 
     For those elitists who've claimed to have seen it all, don't rest until you've seen this live. And for those who have disengaged from the act due to the strong German approach, I highly recommend thinking of the band as a European Industrial version of Type O Negative. But for those who won't make it to the European festivals of 2016, this collection is truly worth the $30 and puts to rest any doubt of the band's ability to deliver.

     (Rammstein's live show is not to be compromised)

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